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What Is SLC?

Self-Loading Cargo is an addon application for flight simulator which simulates the experience of carrying passengers and cabin crew.

During the course of your flights, it continuously monitors the parameters of your aircraft and transfers the results to the passengers individually - potentially affecting their happiness, stress levels and in turn their overall satisfaction rating towards you as a pilot.

Additionally, you are required to instruct the cabin crew to perform various duties at the correct times during the flight - tasks such as arming and disarming doors, ensuring the cabin is secured and taking seats for landing are all monitored to ensure that you keep your passengers and crew as safe as possible during all phases of your flight.

Passengers and crew are randomly generated before each flight starts, and the aircraft layout is accurately simulated based on what you're actually flying so that the experience is authentic and timed correctly - for instance, it takes a lot longer to board a Boeing 747 than it does an Airbus A319, and there aren't as many toilets available on the latter.

In-Flight Services such as hot drinks, meals and alcohol are all available to serve to the passengers, but just remember not everyone likes the same foods - and if you're flying "enthusiastically" eating might be the last thing the passengers want to do...

At the end of each flight, you receive a report which judges your overall performance (including how well you landed!) which is then stored in an archive.

You can use the archive of your flight history to show your average statistics such as landing rates, favourite airports, average passenger satisfaction and share your statistics with the wider flight-simulation community.

SLC not only simulates passengers individually, it also simulates the layout of the actual aircraft you're flying - so every action you take needs to be planned in advance to make sure your passengers are attended to in a timely manner.

Randomized Passengers

Pilot Grading System

Passengers are randomly generated whenever you start a flight - simply enter the number of passengers you'd like and they'll be generated completely randomly with individual personality quirks, likes, dislikes and however they're feeling at that time.

All of those factors will be used to determine their individual satisfaction rating based on whatever happens during the flight, which is then averaged across the whole cabin to determine how well you did.

Realistic Cabin Layouts

Pilot Grading System

Self-Loading Cargo accurately simulates the internal layout of almost any aircraft, from an Airbus A318 to a Boeing 747 and everything in between - and allows you to watch what happens to crew and passengers during your flight.

Factors such as boarding times, the number of available cabin crew, in-flight services and available facilities will subtly differ depending on the aircraft you choose to fly, which will in-turn affect the satisfaction rating of your passengers.

Detailed Flight Grading

Pilot Grading System

Right from the start, your flight rating is determined using the passengers' individual personalities and feelings as a guide - they'll react to events on the ground, weather, things you do while flying, in-flight services and how well you land - right up until they deboard.

Be gentle on the yoke...

Interact with the crew and passengers as much or as little as you'd like - in-flight services can be started manually or run on an automated schedule based on the time of day within your simulator. Just remember, people do tend to get cranky when they're hungry...

Flight Planning

Simbrief Support

In-Flight Services

In-Flight Services

Watch as the cabin crew make their way around your aircraft using an accurate floor plan, serving passengers drinks, food and alcohol using realistic timings. In version 1.6, you will be able to manually direct the cabin crew to individual passengers if they're having particular difficulties.

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