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v1.5 Release Update

Posted on Saturday 02 May 2020 at 09:00 by Steve W into Latest News

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A quick update on the upcoming version 1.5 release.

Hey all - as some of you know I had promised that in version 1.6, I was going to move to a new sound pack format to give a lot more variety. Well, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I have brought this feature forward for v1.5 instead and it is working great :)

Individual events now have their own folders, within which you can place an unlimited number of files for that particular sound. SLC will now select a random one each time from the relevant folder, ensuring that you can have a completely random experience each flight - for instance you could have the cabin crew saying "thanks!", "thank you!", "perfect!", "brilliant!", "thanks a lot!" instead of just having "thanks!" each time that particular event is called.

TTS is also supported - place as many *.txt files each folder as you like for a completely different script each time, i.e. "thanks1.txt", "thanks2.txt" , "mythankyoumessage.txt"

*.wav and *.mp3 are supported for ALL events and this also applies to things like the cabin music, passenger ambience, gate sounds and safety announcements.

This is pretty cool because it means for instance you can have a random gate ambience sound playing whenever you open the doors of the aircraft, so airports will no longer sound exactly the same when you're departing or arriving - SLC will choose a random one from your collection.

Of course - you are also able to do the same within your own soundpacks to tailor them towards an individual airline, again with unlimited variety (provided you record the sounds or prepare the *.txt files for TTS scripts). As always, if none are available in your soundpack for a given event then one from the default soundpack will be used.

Moving forward I hope this adds a massive amount of scope for providing variety for your flights so I'm happy to have brought it forwards.

Not long now - thanks for your patience!!


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