Hello there! The current release version of Self-Loading Cargo is "1.6, The Interactivity Update"!
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😊 RELEASE UPDATE - 1st July 2024, 1800z - Please ensure you are running the latest release update. See changelog for release info!

Update Released

Posted on Tuesday 28 May 2024 at 16:05 by Steve W into Latest News

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In this release we add further GSX automation and voice control, support for the Inibuilds A320 Neo and automatic announcements are now dynamically adapted based on various data points.

The Self-Loading Cargo version update is now live and integrates nicely with the newly released IniBuilds A320Neo aircraft (seatbelt signs, cockpit door and APU detection).

Compatibility with GSX has been improved in a number of ways including "dampening" to reduce instances of unwanted disconnections from the various GSX modes if Couatl momentarily stops providing data, as well as adding automated boarding and deboarding functionality without having to manually bring up the menus. In addition, you can now summon a jetway (or stairs) via the ground comms using your voice. I highly recommend reading the updated support article on using GSX Pro with Self-Loading Cargo which explains everything in depth.

Users of automated captain announcements may appreciate some of the work that has gone into the multi-stage announcements. In v1.6.3.5 announcement selections like departure delays (when refuelling for instance), bad weather reports and delays will automatically be selected and played based on the real-time simulator data rather than the default "good weather" or "no delays" sound effects playing every flight. This work forms part of the framework that is being built to facilitate this type of functionality in the more in-depth crew scenarios that will appear in version 1.7 to ensure that people using automated announcements have the same dynamic experience as those using "manual mode" or voice commands. 

Happy flying!

How to update

Download the update from your account area and install over the top of your existing installation. 

You can view the full release notes for more information.

Thank you!


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