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Downtime Report 4th March 2024

Posted on Tuesday 05 March 2024 at 01:56 by Steve W into Latest News

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What happened to the website and application this evening?

On 4th March 2024 at approximately 2145z the Self-Loading Cargo application and website were both rendered unavailable due to an issue with the data centre preventing public access to the website and database servers.

The initial downtime lasted approximately 3 hours 45 minutes while our hosting company organised a fix, with sporadic periods of up-time as they worked.

We'd like to apologise to anyone affected by the extended downtime who was unable to log into the website or start a flight with the application. We placed notices on both Twitter and Discord explaining the situation but were obviously unable to place a notification on the website due to it being unavailable.

We did have access to the servers throughout the down period via a remote access KVM available via our control panel. Using this facility, we were able to verify that they were in-fact up and running - but not publicly accessible for reasons that are, at the time of writing, unknown (see below).

The details of the outage can be found at the following link which will be updated by the hosting company once they publish their resolution information:


Thanks for your patience and sorry again for the disruption - we'll continue to monitor the situation but hopefully there will not be any further interruptions.


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