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Cabin Layout Validation Improvement

Posted on Tuesday 08 August 2023 at 11:00 by Steve W into Latest News

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An update has been made to fix some issues with cabin crew during your flights

Confused Cabin Crew? What's going on?

As part of the v1.6.1 patch release cycle, I've been doing some investigation into some of the issues that people have been reporting and one of the major issues certain people were finding was that that cabin crew sometimes got a little confused and started walking aimlessly around the aircraft instead of performing their assigned task.

I have had this issue in the past, and invariably it was to do with the cabin layout I was using - specifically due to seat numbers being duplicated.

Why does it happen?

When a member of the cabin crew is assigned a task within SLC, they are specifically assigned to a certain position on the aircraft cabin layout - whether that be a seat, an aisle position or the galley. Normally it works fine - but if there is a duplicate in the layout, it is 50/50 whether the correct one be selected... sometimes the wrong one gets chosen with hilarious results. Or not, because it tends to break the cabin crew.

For this reason I've spent some time adding better validation to the editing of cabin layouts so that duplicate seats can no longer be accepted when adding a layout. This was already being performed, but it wasn't brilliant evidently - now it is much better.

Test Results

Initial testing of the validaton shows out of 716 active cabin layouts, 129 contained at least one error with 142 total errors. That would explain things somewhat.


You don't need to do anything, this was a server-side issue. Any cabin layouts which have been found to have errors have now been marked as "invalid" and will need to be edited and revalidated by their creators.

This will hopefully reduce the support burden on me, as well as giving you a more robust experience - and far less confusion on the job for your cabin crew!

Happy flying!



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